Calendar for Yearly Activities


1.Zabarwan Climb. (For classes 4th to 10th Boys/Girls)

2. Inter class Cricket matches (For classes 5th-10th    Boys/Girls)

3. Poems / Nazams and Suras to be given to the students for recitation  Competition as winter assignment. (Upto 5th)


1.Poem and Nazam Recitation contest for classes 3rd, 4th, 5th (boys and girls).

2. Surah memorisation competition (For classes KG/1st/2nd)


1. Cross Country Run.(Whole school participation)

2. Excursion for LPD (boys and girls, Nursery and KG).

3. Surah Memorisation competition. (For classes 3rd to 5th)    


1. Essay competition for 5th, 6th, 7th (boys and girls) English and Urdu.

2. Essay competition for 8th, 9th, 10th (boys and girls) English and Urdu.

3. Inter class Kho Kho matches (classes 5th to 10th boys and girls)

4. Drawing competition for classes (Nursery to 5th)


1. Excursion for various classes.

2. Inter class Volley ball matches (Class 7th to 10th Boys/ Girls).

3. Inter class Football matches (Classes 5th to 10th Boys/ Girls).

4. Drawing competition for classes (6th to 10th).


1. Sports day for LPD.(For classes Nursery/KG/1st) various races viz sack  race, Potato and spoon race/two legged race, tug of war etc. 

2. Quiz on History of Kashmir (9th and 10th Boys Vs Boys / Girls Vs Girls).


1. Camp for senior classes (5th to 10th Boys / Girls Separately)

2. Visit to Dachigam National Park (Senior Department). 


1. Seerat Quiz for Classes 9th & 10th (Boys / Girls).

2. Seerat Quiz for teachers (prize to be given for quiz)


1. Inter class Table Tennis Matches.(5th to 10th)

2. Inter class Badminton Matches. (5th to 10th)