Surah Memorization competition took place on 29th of March 2019 for classes 1st and 2nd (both boys and girls). Names of the students who showed excellent performance in recitation of Quran are as follows;

Tabish Ismail               2nd A                Rank 1st

Imaad ul Irfan             2nd A                Rank 2nd

Ahmad Bashir Sofi                 2nd B                  Rank 1st

Wani Ahmad              2nd B                 Rank 2nd

Aflaq Shabir               2nd  C                 Rank 1st

Ziyaan                          2nd C                 Rank 2nd

Zaira                           2nd D                   Rank 1st

Nafia Rashid              2nd D                   Rank 2nd

Hafsa   Ayub                      2nd E                    Rank 2nd

Maleeha   Zahoor                  2nd E                  Rank 2nd

Aida Waseem             2nd D                 Rank 2nd

Rateeb Jehangir        1st A                    Rank 1st

Arihan                              1st A                Rank 2nd

Muhammad Ayaan          1st A              Rank 2nd

Mohammad    Said          1st B                      Rank 2nd

Zikra  Farooq                     1st C              Rank 2nd

Zehra Khan                       1st C               Rank 2nd

Falak Sajad                       1st D               Rank 1st

Shifa                                   1st D               Rank 2nd