Girls' School

 We strive to create a safe, secure school community based on good conduct and respect for all, which recognizes the worth of the individual. Our appeal as a school rests in our strong sense of community, the values we celebrate, our commitment to realizing the potential of each and every young man in our care, and in providing a balanced education that addresses the academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of our students' lives. Our students study in an atmosphere of achievement where success is part of their day-to-day experience. Their academic success speaks for itself Good academic results provide the gateway into further education and a world of opportunity and we aim to provide a rich and inspiring learning experience for our boys. We aim to help them develop their natural curiosity, explore issues of local and global significance, acquire a broad range of in-depth knowledge and understanding and above all, to enjoy learning. We aim to help them become independent learners, creative thinkers, effective decision-makers, confident communicators and open-minded collaborators.